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Regina Olbinsky explains the reasons why soft skills are so important to staying employed.

What Clients Say...

“Regina and I served together on the Board of Directors for the Cleveland Society of Human Resource Management (CSHRM). Regina was our President and was very dedicated and passionate about the group. Regina accomplished a great deal for CSHRM. Her can-do attitude and solid work ethic are a winning combination.”

Bobette Poussart
Director, Human Resources
The Reserves Network

What Clients Say...

“Regina was a great resource in helping me prepare for my job search. Her experience and direct recommendations enabled me to rewrite my resumé and better target my campaign.”

Tony Vahedian
Vice President/General Manager
Cardinal Health (hired Regina as a business coach)

What Clients Say...

“I have known Regina since 2002 when we served together on the Board of Directors for the Cleveland Society of Human Resource Managers. I have also referred executives to Regina for career coaching and counseling. In all respects, Regina has been professional and positive. She gives 100% in all endeavors, and her results are remarkable.”

Randy Samsel
eSearch Consulting

What Clients Say...

“Regina is strategic and detail oriented. She brings strong personal experience and credibility to her work. As an outplacement/career coach, she was highly objective, tough when necessary and supportive.”

Jane Burke
Director of Store Operations

What Clients Say...

“Regina was very objective in assessing my career strengths and weaknesses during my job search. With her help, I was able to secure three exceptional job offers.”

Keith Torrance
Marketing and Sales Leader
(hired Regina as a career coach)

What Clients Say...

“Having referred candidates to Regina for career coaching, she never waivers in her commitment to ‘give them her all’ when guiding them to their next position. Her corporate background in human resources is invaluable to those wishing to advance their careers.”

Lisa Pagel
The Pagel Group

What Clients Say...

“Regina has been one of my premier new relationships of 2008. Regina is a rare combination of practical expertise, consistent professionalism, and commitment to delivery. We have now worked on two distinct engagements together and my whole team has found her to be wonderful to work with. I have recommended Regina and her services to several of my professional and even personal acquaintances. In every single instance, the report has come back positive and supportive of her, her methodologies, her professionalism, and her person. I and my company heartily recommend Regina regarding any mentoring, coaching, HR, or consulting role. She will enthusiastically impress.”

Gary Baney
CEO and PMO Manager
Boundless Flight, Inc.

What Clients Say...

“Regina’s experienced and caring approach was key to our successful partnership. She is an excellent career coach and advisor who provided me with constant guidance and suggestions. I valued the support she provided and learned new things about myself, which led to further self-improvement. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Peter Perez
(hired Regina as a career coach in 2005)

What Clients Say...

“I have always been impressed by her professionalism, integrity and ability to finish the job. She is a strong leader and extremely knowledgeable about her field. At Weatherhead, she brought in fresh and creative ideas, a strategic and intentional plan, and the ability to make it all happen. I enjoyed working with her at Case and I highly recommend Regina and her services.”

Kimberly (Orndorff) Paik
Assistant Director, Graduate Career Services
Case Western Reserve University

What Clients Say...

“In the nine years I have known Regina, she has always exemplified professionalism and integrity. While employed at Case Western Reserve University, I hired Regina to develop and deliver an impactful training workshop on networking skills. Regina provided timely, consistent and responsive service. She took time to fully investigate and confirm our needs, and she worked collaboratively to customize to the needs of our audience. I have also used Regina‘s career coaching services as an independent client; she always offers sharp insights in an efficient manner. She uses our time very effectively, and I gain tangible, concrete action steps as a result. Regina provides services that you will benefit from, not extra stuff that you don’t need. I enthusiastically recommend Regina without reservation; your money will be well-spent on her services.”

Jessica Worny Janicki
(hired Regina as speaker and consultant at Case Western Reserve University)

What Clients Say...

“I highly recommend Regina. She is professional, attentive, and gets results. Regina listens to her clients and is great at helping them build a clear and cohesive strategy for job searching and career development. Regina did an excellent job of ‘polishing’ my cover letters, resumé, and interviewing skills and was instrumental in helping me land a great job!”

Robert Hughes
Experienced Operations Leader
(hired Regina as a career coach in 2008)

What Clients Say...

“Regina is results oriented and professional. She is able to balance the art and the science of career coaching through an approach that is customized, efficient and effective. Her consultations are thought provoking and challenging—always with a purpose. Regina's outstanding reputation in the business community is well deserved.”

Sam Helfenstine
CFO, Bauer Built, Inc.

What Clients Say...

“Regina was a great help on my job search when I was pursuing my MBA degree at Case Western Reserve University. Very professional and knowledgeable as a career coach, Regina was exceptionally personal and approachable. She showed excellent cultural awareness and worked with people with very diverse background. We keep in touch with each other even after my graduation. Now I see Regina as a life coach, and a friend that I truly value.”

An-Hsiang Cheng
Product Manager
Asia/ Australia at ERICO International Corporation

What Clients Say...

“Regina was a true professional as she worked with me to find my next employment opportunity. Her knowledge about how to do a national job search was invaluable. She provided excellent suggestions for interviewing techniques and took the timeto do several “mock interviews” to prepare me for the real thing. She was also able to provide local contacts in the executive search field to help in the local job search. I consider her to be an individual I can confide in and would recommend her to others who are in the market for assistance in an executive search.”

Tom Lindsey
former Controller, MA Hanna Company
(hired Regina as a career coach in 2000)

What Clients Say...

“Sincerely interested and committed to helping her clients achieve objectives. Makes you feel like you are her only customer. Has the breadth and depth of knowledge in her field which allows her to easily customize advice and counsel to specific needs of her customer. Does not provide off-the-shelf solutions. Great product. Delivers results. Would definitely work/partner with again.”

Stephanie Winter Yocum
VP Human Resources, M/I Homes, Columbus OHIO
(hired Regina as a career coach in 2003)

What Clients Say...

“Regina has a tireless work ethic, ensuring quick and effective results. She always thinks of new ways to approach problems and find solutions. I highly recommend Regina.”

Bill Wolf
Weatherchem Corporation
(hired Regina as a leadership coach in 2008)

What Clients Say...

“I have had the good fortune to have worked with Regina through two Chambers of Commerce. Additionally, I will call her from time to time for advice and help. She is thoughtful, caring and a doer. She exemplifies to me the one quality that is a must in today's economy: “People helping people”. Regina stands at the top for anyone needing the benchmark individual in consulting and coaching.”

Sam Misseri
Director, Business Development
Air Force One

What Clients Say...

“Regina is a well-organized manager who works well with individuals to develop their career goals and pathways to achievement.”

Jane Kuzman, CPA
Owner, Jane Kuzman, CPA
(hired Regina as a career coach in 2002)

What Clients Say...

“Regina is a driven person who cares deeply for her clients. She is creative in meeting challenges and helps her clients improve themselves.”

Michael H. Garred
Supply Chain Leader
Eaton Aerospace
(hired Regina as a career coach for multiple engagements)

What Clients Say...

“Regina has that innate ability to help people become better at what they do. She relates so well to her clients, and they have shown through the roles they have obtained and their successes with their teams, that they have become better leaders from their experiences with her coaching advice. Regina gives you the skills you need to be successful. I have witnessed and seen the growth of many of her clients.”

Mary Flaminio
Magnum Consulting

What Clients Say...

“Regina is an experienced, detail-oriented professional who will incorporate your ideas and her ideas into a high-end result. Regina has been an invaluable consultant during some very difficult hiring processes a few years back. I would highly recommend Regina’s services.”

Joel Gabelman
(hired Regina as a career coach)

What Clients Say...

“Regina was the featured speaker of our monthly PMI Recession Proof Your Career session for project managers who are in or facing job transition. It was the highest attended session we’ve ever had. Regina was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and inspirational about subject matters such as informational interviews, networking along with collecting & analyzing data within a job search. We highly recommend Regina for any group looking for a true expert in the human resource and career assessment field.”

Nick Gerogosian, PMP
Facilitator-PMINEO Recession Proof Your Career Group

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Regina will speak at Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A.'s sponsored event Ladder Down: Successful Businesswomen, Powerful Mentors on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 5:00 p.m. It will be an evening celebrating business leaders and the power of mentorship propelling the next generation of dynamic women.

Getting more done in less time at Regina discusses two sources of interruptions—others and you—and what you can do get back your time.

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